Huawei Watch GT4

Best smart watch : We tested the Huawei Watch GT4

The Huawei Watch GT4 comes in three different editions, but with an impressive battery that lasts up to 14 days on a single charge. Metal cases with different finishes and colors and straps give each watch a different focus, but a large number of applications are still missing.

Huawei’s GT series of smartwatches has become an impressive piece of hardware that skilfully tracks all your activities while doing so in a well-designed case with premium materials. Although a few months have passed since their introduction, these days we try the GT4 watch in parallel in a larger version of 46 millimeters.

It is available with us in a gray version, i.e. a watch with a metal strap, a sporty black one with a silicone strap, and a green version with a composite strap.

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They presented the watches under the slogan ‘fashion forward’, so fashion and style combined with technology were the main determinants of the new models. What is immediately obvious in relation to the GT3 series is the octagonal case design.

Although the case is the same, the play of colors and the design of the strap make those edges more pronounced on the watch with a green strap and a standard buckle. The metal watch is the most elegant and has a one-button quick-release strap that looks like it’s made of one piece. On a black watch, all these edges are the most difficult to notice, and it is also effective that it has black dials, so the screen seems larger. Compared to the green version that combines green and white, the screen appears smaller.

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Although the gray watch is the most elegant, it is also the heaviest with a weight of more than 130 grams, while the case itself weighs around 48 grams for all models. Because of this, the metallic gray menu was also uncomfortable during use while sleeping.

Black and green are a much happier option for that, but even during the day, you can barely feel them on your hand. The metal one comes with extra links, so you can easily lengthen or shorten it, depending on your hand. You can easily personalize other models with 22 mm wide straps.

In the end, all three watches are excellently made, although the metal one seems the most durable. The watch has also maintained a water resistance level of 5 ATM.

The larger model comes with a 1.4-inch diagonal screen, and it is an AMOLED panel with a resolution of 466×466 pixels, which you will use outdoors without any problems. Over the years, Huawei has gathered a huge collection of watch faces, so you can personalize the watch extremely easily, depending on the occasion and activity, because some faces are better seen in direct light.

Cards, or screens, with a series of functions that monitor your activity and physical parameters or offer service information, can be adjusted or filled with the information that is most important to you at the moment. And here Huawei’s watch will offer you all the basic things you need and it works very well. The list of basic applications offered by the watch is sufficient for average users, and on it, you can see the notifications you want or respond to messages, through predefined responses.

Huawei also offers a number of additional applications for the watch through the AppGallery, the number of which is slowly growing, but it is far from what users can do on Android or Apple watches. But you can manage Spotify, use the watch as a camera trigger, see how you slept or what your heart rate is, and through Petal Maps, use the watch for navigation on your palm, without taking your phone out of your pocket.

This is pretty useful when you’re in a completely foreign country and you want to be sure that someone won’t grab your phone while you’re looking for a street.

Those who have used Huawei watches before will be able to use this model without any problems, and setting up and pairing is extremely simple and fast. With this generation, they have improved the tracking, so their TruSeen gives a 30 percent better heart rate reading during intense activities, which is a new sleep breathing monitoring system.

Namely, the watch monitors irregularities during sleep and gives you information about how you breathe, which can encourage you to have more detailed examinations, because this is not a medical device. The software tracks more than 100 sports, the positioning is quite accurate, and they have improved GNSS tracking on the new model.

In addition to excellent workmanship, the GT series of watches is also known for its impressive battery life, and the GT4 offers up to two weeks of use on a single charge. And so it was during use. Of course, this can be cut in half, if you turn on the screen so that it is always on and if you are extremely often in training with GPS locating.

Ten days is what you could easily count on, with occasional activities that require locating your watch.