University of Dodoma (UDOM) Vacancies, June 2023

University of dodoma udom

The University of Dodoma (UDOM) is located about 8 km east of the city centre and is accessible by public transport, which is easily available from the city centre. Given the central location of Dodoma, UDOM is strategically positioned to serve applicants around the country, specifically government and private sector employees living in Dodoma who hitherto could not find training opportunities in the area. Such employees can comfortably utilise UDOM to combine work and study for their career advancement.

Additionally, the geographical location and Dodoma weather make UDOM a convenient place for international students. The University of Dodoma was formally established in March 2007 following the signing of the Charter by the President of the United Republic of Tanzania. The first academic programmes began in September 2007.

The university has been designed on a seven-campus college model, each of which is semi-autonomous. The vision of the UDOM is “to become a centre of excellence that offers value-added training, research, and public services”.


The university is currently seeking qualified candidates who are willing to work under contract terms in vacant positions that exist as follows: READ FULL DETAILS THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT HERE BELOW:

Download the PDF document here.

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