Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Kwa Mtu Binafsi

Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Kwa Mtu Binafsi 2023 NHIF Updated

Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Kwa Mtu Binafsi 2023;– The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) in Tanzania is a government-sponsored program that provides health insurance coverage for all citizens of the country. Bei za NHIF Tanzania 2023, Bei za Bima ya Afya 2023, Gharama za NHIF 2023, Gharama National Health Insurance Fund 2023. gharama za bima ya afya kwa mtu binafsi 2023

The NHIF offers a variety of benefits, including access to basic medical care, hospitalization, and medications. The program also covers maternity and child health services. In addition, the NHIF provides financial assistance for people with chronic illnesses.

The year 2023, Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Kwa Mtu Binafsi. The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) in Tanzania is a government-funded initiative that provides citizens with access to health insurance coverage.

One of the many benefits offered by the The National Health Insurance Fund NHIF is access to necessary medical services, such as hospitalization and medicine, among a plethora of other benefits. Additionally, the program covers services connected to pregnancy and childbirth. Additionally, the NHIF provides financial assistance to people with chronic illnesses.

Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Kwa Mtu Binafsi 2023
The program is funded through a mix of government revenues and contributions from employers and employees. Tanzania is one of many African countries that has implemented a national health insurance program in recent years.

The NHIF has helped to improve access to healthcare for millions of people and has contributed to a decline in the number of cases of preventable diseases.

Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Tanzania | NHIF Tanzania Price List 2023

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) Tanzania has a wide range of health insurance plans that cater to the needs of different individuals. The National Health Insurance Fund offers different prices for its health insurance plans depending on the customer age, package coverage and benefits that the customer requires. The price list for The National Health Insurance Fund health insurance plans is given below.

The National Health Insurance Fund Tanzania Price List 2023:

Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Kwa Mtu Binafsi 2023
Age Group 18-35

Najali Afya 192,000
Wekeza Afya 384,000
Timiza Afya 516,000
Age Group 36-50

Najali Afya 240,000
Wekeza Afya 440,000
Timiza Afya 612,000
Age Group 60+

Najali Afya 360,000
Wekeza Afya 660,000
Timiza Afya 984,000

What Are The Services Included in Nhif Packeges

The The National Health Insurance Fund offers several different insurance packages, each of which provides different levels of coverage. The lowest-priced package, known as Najali Afya Package, covers basic health services such as outpatient care, maternity care, and vaccinations.

Functions of NHIF Tanzania

Register members and issue identity cards;
Collect contributions;
Certify health service providers for provision of health care services to members;
Reimbursement of health service providers’ claims;
Invest the excess funds collected in order to earn income;
Carry out Actuarial Assessment and Valuation; and
Provide health insurance education to the public

How NHIF Tanzania Raise Funds

NHIF Tanzania collect funds from compulsory contributions from employees in the public sector who are obliged to register themselves and contribute to the Fund a total of six percent (6%) of their monthly basic salary which is equally shared between the employer and employee.

However, the Fund has put in place separate contribution arrangements for other groups that join the Fund voluntarily.

Members of the Fund are categorized as follows:

Public Employees
Non Public Employees
Retired Public Employees
Children under 18 years
Farmers in Cooperative Societies
Members of Organized Socioeconomic Groups e.g. Machingas, Bodaboda, Drivers, etc.
Individual members under Health Insurance Bundles
Bunge Health Insurance Scheme for Members of Parliament
Certified Health Facilities Coverage
The Fund undertakes certifications of facilities that are fully registered by the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children to provide services to beneficiaries.

These health facilities are divided into three groups namely Government, Faith based organization and Privately owned health facilities.

Currently the Fund has certified more than 7,900 health facilities with different levels of accreditation to serve the Fund’s beneficiaries. These categories are:-

National Referral,
Zonal Referral,
Regional Referral,
District Hospitals,
Diagnostic Centers
Specialized Clinics,
Health Centers,
Pharmacies, and
Accredited Drugs Dispensing Outlets.
NHIF Tanzania Coverage
The NHIF provides a wide coverage towards medical expenses. The coverage includes:

Inpatient cover
Outpatient cover
Group life cover
Last expense cover
Ex-Gratia Payments
Maternity and reproductive cover
The recently launched NHIF Tanzania new packages have made it easy for all Tanzanians to join the NHIF, especially those who were unable to access health services due to their limited financial possibilities.
Through a wide network of accredited health facilities, The National Health Insurance Fund dedicates itself to provide quality social health insurance to all Tanzanians to access affordable health care services. The packages launched are;

The recently launched NHIF Tanzania price list 2019 shows the amount of money you should contribute to NHIF Tanzania for the services. Below is a table that shows the The National Health Insurance Fund cost payable yearly.

The more expensive Executive Plan covers a wider range of services, including inpatient care, diagnostic testing, and prescription drugs. Regardless of which package you choose, the NHIF will help you pay for your medical expenses. Below you will find all services covered in each of the package provided by The National Health Insurance Fund

NHIF Tanzania Other Membership Package
Toto Afya Card
Public Institutions
Vifurushi vya Bima ya Afya
Non Public Institutions
Madereva Afya
Umoja Afya
Ushirika Afya
Boda boda Afya
Machinga Afya
Documents Needed to Register as NHIF Tanzania Member
Identification card; either a driving licence, passport, voter’s card or national ID.
Recent coloured photo passport
For religious denominations wishing to register with NHIF should submit a registration request letter to any NHIF office nearby.
For children under the age of 18 years, a birth certificate will be needed.
Learning institutions wishing to register their students must apply and be registered to the Fund as an employer.
Mutual groups wishing to register to NHIF should accompany their application forms with their registration certificate, Constitution, list of all members and TIN Number Certificate.
To register a spouse as a dependant you must include an identification card and marriage certificate.
To register a parent as a dependant you must include an identification card for the parent and the contributor’s birth certificate.
To register a spouse’s parent as a dependant you must include an identification card for the spouse’s parent, birth certificate of the spouse and the contributor’s marriage certificate.
or you can make Online Application by visiting this page
NHIF Tanzania Contact Address
For More Inoformation Pleas Contact NHIF Help Center Via

CALL NHIF: +255 26 2963887/8/+255 26 2963888
HOTLINE: 0800110063 – Inapatikana saa 24 siku 7 za wiki


National Health Insurance Fund,
Head Office,
Tambukareli Street, Jakaya Kikwete Road,
P.O.Box 1437,


Gharama Za Bima Ya Afya Kwa Mtu Binafsi 2023, The program is supported by a number of sources, including government funds and gifts from businesses and employees. A national health insurance program was recently introduced in Tanzania, one of numerous African countries that Tanzania is a part of.

Millions of underprivileged people now have greater access to healthcare, and the frequency of preventable diseases has decreased thanks in large part to the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).

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